The Chinese Institute of Engineers – USA (CIE-USA) is a non-profit professional organization of Chinese-American engineers and scientists. The objective of CIE-USA is to promote communication among all engineers and scientists who are interested in the well being of the engineering community in the U.S.A. and to make more contributions to their communities. 


Additional CIE Data


  • Mission: CIE-USA is a 501 C(3) non-profit national organization dedicated to promote Asian Pacific Americans (APA) science, engineering, and technology in their local communities and national arenas.  For the APA members, CIE also serve to advance their social, and economic well being in the United States and internationally.
  • Headquarters location – New York
  • Web Site: www.cie-usa.org
  • Date founded: 1917
  • Membership Description:
    • 6 chapters (New York, Dallas, San Francisco, New Mexico, Seattle and Environment ), Have 10K members national wide.
    • Have over 30 US corporation supports.
  • Organization:
    • CIE/USA division is organized by the National Council (representatives selected from 6 chapters); Two International divisions – CIE/Taiwan and CIE/China.
    • CIE/USA operates in USA.  Two international conferences - METS (Modern Engineering Technology Seminars) with Taiwan government; SATEC (Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference) with China government.
    • Student groups – Yes, within local 6 chapters
    • Foundations/Institute – Affiliated with National Engineering Week (E-week)
    • Committees – Education, Mentoring, Community Relation, Professional Development, Scholarship, Math Contest & Science Fun, and Membership committees. 
    • Establish a prestigious Asian American Engineer of the Year Award (AAEOY) to recognize outstanding Asian American Engineers within the USA.  For AAEOY, CIE has a Corporate Advisory Committee.  Since 2002, CIE-USA has selected 135 Asian-American engineers as recipients of the AAEOY award as a part of the celebration of National Engineers Week.


2010 Asian American Engineers of the Year (AAEOY) Award


Each year, the third week in February marks the National Engineers Week celebration across the United States.  The event aims at increasing public awareness on the crucial importance of science and engineering to future generations.  It also honors outstanding achievements and milestones in these disciplines so as to heighten interest among the young ones. Towards reaching these goals, the Engineers Week Coalition has set its mission on the following: “To sustain and to grow a dynamic engineering profession.” For more information about this annual celebration program of the National Engineers Week, visit http://www.eweek.org/Home.aspx.


As a key part of 2010 National Engineers Week Program, the Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE-USA) will proudly honor outstanding Asian American engineers and scientists at the AAEOY Award Ceremony on Saturday, February 27, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Brunswick, New Jersey. This AAEOY program is jointly sponsored by the National Engineers Week. Winners of the prestigious awards will soon be announced through press releases during the National Engineers Week.


The AAEOY Award is the only program of its kind in the United States. It is a platform to recognize outstanding Asian American professionals for their personal achievements as well as significant contributions in academia, public service and corporate entities. Many of the recipients bring about monumental breakthroughs in science and technology, often with lasting and global impacts.

Previous award recipients include:


·        Dr. Leo Esaki, 1973 Nobel Prize winner in Physics

·        Dr. Chang-Lin Tien, former chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley

·        Dr. Samuel Ting, the 1976 Nobel Prize winner in Physics

·        Dr. Steven Chu, 1997 Nobel Prize winner in Physics

·        Dr. Yuan-Cheng Fung, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Bioengineering at UC San Diego

·        Dr. Yuan Tseh Lee, 1986 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry

·        Dr. Daniel Chee Tsui, 1998 Nobel Prize winner in Physics

·        Dr. Albert Y.C. Yu, former Senior VP of Intel

·        Dr. Roger Tsien, 2008 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry


Many other outstanding individuals have also joined the rank through nomination by major corporations such as: The Boeing Company, IBM, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, NASA Glenn Research Center, Johnson & Johnson, NAVFAC Pacific, AT&T, BP, Comcast, Texas Instruments, United States Fleet Forces Command, Sandia National Labs, Artisan Digital, Genentech, Sanford Printing, Stellar Services, Hsin-Chu Science Park, and Talent Technology Center.


At the 2010 ceremony, AAEOY will present four new AAEOY Awards, in addition to the more established Distinguished Science and Technology Award and the Distinguished Life Time Achievement Award.  They are:


Asian-American Most Promising Engineer of The Year Award

Asian-American Engineer of The Year Award

Asian-American Executive of The Year award


AAEOY Award winners will be announced through press releases during the 2010 US National Engineers Week, and the award ceremony and celebration banquet will take place in New Brunswick, New Jersey on Saturday, February 27, 2010.


We look forward to your participation in this prestigious national event.  For more information about the AAEOY Award event, visit http://www.cie-usa.org