Our Guiding Principles


Follow the Chinese national policy in building up the economy, technology infrastructure and implement the industrialization of China as set forth by the founding father of the Chinese Republic, Dr. Sun Yat-Sin.

遵 從國家之國防經濟建設政策,實現 國父實嶪計劃。


Recognize that national gain is above all personal rewards, contributing selflessly to the improvement of the country and the engineering community in China.

認 識國家民族之利益高於一功,願犧牲自由貢獻能力‧


Help China to become an industrialized country, with self supporting capability to provide all major industrial resources.

促 進國家工業化,力謀主要物資之自給。


Develop standards for industrialization , supporting the needs of both civil and defense developments.

推 行工業標準化,配合國防民生之需求。


Maintain professional dignity and work ethics; work hard for a good course, not for personal recognition nor for financial gain.

不 慕虛名,不為物誘,維持職業專嚴,遵守服務道德。


Be practical, and creative; pursue excellence and appreciate accomplishments as a team.

實 事求是,精益求精‧努力獨立創造,注重集體成就。


Have courage in taking responsibilities, be loyal to your job, sincerely give full cooperation to your colleagues.

勇 於任事,忠於職守,更須有互切互磋親愛精誠之合作精神。


Be critical to oneself but forgiving to the other; try to live a simple, efficient, orderly and practical life style.

嚴 以律己,恕以待人並養成整齊樸素,迅速確實之生活習慣。