Annual Convention

Join us as we celebrate 8 years of service in Southern California. This year's annual convention will feature a wide range of topics in STEM and their future in Southern California.

Event Schedule

Young Professionals Career Forum

1:00pm TO 4:00pm

Learn how to apply, build, and advance your career with our panel of engineers and industry veterans. Learn the Ins and Outs of the hiring process, the skills and expertise most desirable in companies and the various industries that rely on STEM.

STEM Technical Symposium

1:30pm TO 4:30pm

Join us for an exciting afternoon of discussion with Boeing on the innovations and challenges engineers now face in the 21st century in the fields of Aerospace and Environmental Engineering.

Paint the Future Gallery and Awards Ceremony

4:00pm TO 6:00pm

Join us to celebrate the young inventors in the Paint the Future contest. Stay and browse through more than 100 pictures.

Keynote SpeakerS

Tony Fu


4:00pm - 4:30pm


Darrell Uchima

The Boeing Company

7:15pm - 7:35pm

Banquet Dinner

5:30pm TO 9:00pm

5:30pm TO 6:00pm Registration and Social Hour

6:00pm TO 6:30pm Dignitaries Recognition

6:15pm TO 7:00pm Dinner

6:45pm TO 7:00pm Performance - UCLA Music of China Ensemble

7:00pm TO 7:15pm CIE-USA/SOCAL Group Photo Certification

7:15pm TO 7:35pm Keynote: Innovating for Leadership with Darrel Uchima

7:35pm TO 7:45pm Performance - Walnut High School

7:45pm TO 8:05pm STEM 5-Star Awards Ceremony

8:05pm TO 8:25pm iGem Storytelling

8:20pm TO 8:40pm Performance - UCLA Music of China Ensemble

8:40pm TO 9:00pm Door Prizes Drawing

Event Registration



Rowland Heights Community Center

18150 Pathfinder Rd

Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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